How to change your nose with scar wax

One of the biggest pain in the ass for costumes can be the nose, especially if you're not into SFX. And the noses you put on that's held up of an elastic kind of ruin the costume more then it's pulling it together. So here is an easy guide on how to change the nose with scar wax.

Have an adhesive ready and a blob of scar wax. For the sake of budget and availability I'm using spirit gum so you can see how this looks with basic scar wax from Ben Nye and spirit gum from Mehron, but you can use other adhesives like pros aide if you want to. Apply the spirit gum to the nose, tap it and quickly before it dries apply the scar wax. Start blending in the product by using a spatula or a plastic spoon coated with bodylotion. Once you have nice blended edges coat your fingertips in bodylotion and create the shape with your fingertips, exactly like shaping play dough.

If this is supposed to last, finish of by applying multiple layers of liquid latex, powdering it down and color it to blend in with your skin tone. And after completely blending this in and coloring it, is this the finished result. (The color difference is due to changing light outside, not editing).