Halloween makeup tutorials + extended 50% coupon code

Hello, I hope October is treating you well, this is a little collective post on halloween makeup for inspiration to your halloween costume. And you probably haven't heard this, but there are some complaints on several FX youtubers that does unsafe stuff, and I've not included any of them here.

As a youtube-lover and FX artist I do watch a lot of these tutorials all year around, so I have a lot of good ones in my sleeve and I thought I´d make it easier to find inspiration for a cool costume for you. A bit info, I've avoided the most viral videos, I've found old ones I love myself and dragged out very good but mostly small youtubers for this as these videos often get over-looked. But I have popped some higher ranked/newer videos as well! And I've also included one of my own videos.

Works until 21st of October

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  1. Oj så masse kult, dette innlegget skal jeg linke til venninnen min :D