Testing affordable lash growth treatment, castor oil

At home remedies that are cheaper then the store bought ones are something we all want, but does it really work? For 3 moths now I'll be applying castor oil to my lash line to see if you and I can see any difference in growth. I got my castor oil from Mehron, it's intended use for this particular brand is to make liquid latex receptive for regular cream makeup, but you can also buy this oil in pharmacies etc.this product only contain castor oil and jojoba oil as the pure remedies.

This is my outset, I have dusted my lashes with black eyeshadow so you can see how long they are due to my blonde lashes, but it's no mascara or any other lengthening products on them.
I will apply the castor oil once every night on my clean product free lash line, and if you want to follow the process, I'll be updating after two weeks, on the 22nd of September, then again after a month on the 8 of October, then on the 8 of November and lastly the 8 of December. And after three months use I expect to see results, or we can conclude it doesn't work. 


  1. I'm really curious to see if this works! I love using natural products like coconut oil so I may have to grab some castor oil too at some point. Loved this post :) If you're interested in natural skincare, my latest post is all about it!

    Bethany (curlyandwordy.blogspot.com) x

    1. Glad you liked it and want to follow the process! xx