My MAC Lipstick collection

MAC lipsticks are one of my favorite brands. Overall they have a huge range of colors, they're very pigmented, although not all shades are good and some are amazing, as all brand, and here is a little mini review of the ones I got.

Russian Red 
This matte lipstick is great, and I know a lot of people love the Ruby Woo, but my favorite shade is this, it's a bit darker then the Ruby Woo. The lasting power is good, it fades with dignity, but can slightly dry out the lips and shows better already dry lips.

Speed dial
This is a glossy mid-pink that's great for spring and summer, I don't find myself reaching for bright pink in the summer and winter. It lasting power is okay, but it fades with dignity and it doesn't dry out my lips. Click here to see it applied on video.

This is a cinnamon pink brownish color, I don't personally use it on it's own and tend to combine it with the MAC Lipliner "nightmoth" to bring some definition to my lips. The lasting power is great, it doesn't dry out the lips, and I haven't tried letting this fade on it's own. Click here to see it applied on video

Cyber is a very bold out-there shade, I personally love it. But it looks almost black when I'm wearing it, which not everybody seems to enjoy. #Truestory when I first got together with my ex boyfriend he made a joke about kissing me in front of everyone we knew and then I knew it was public and I wasn't quite ready for that, so I wore the cyber lipstick the next day because I thought it was way of saying "Don't you dare fucking kiss me" without actually ending the relationship before it even started. And no for the record, he didn't kiss me then!
Anyhow, I use it with the lip liner I bought with it "nightmoth" because it does often need a layer of lip liner to stay nice, solid and on the lips.
Click here to see it applied in a blog post. 

This is my most recent purchase, it's a baby pink that I got for back to school season. It's gorgeous, matte, it's lasting power is okay, it stains the lips slightly in a good way so that you don't have to apply so much when you're re-touching and it doesn't dry out the lips.
Click here to see it applied in a blog post.

Viva Glam 2 Nicki
This is maybe the only purchase from MAC I absolutely hate. The formulation of it, amazing, the lasting power amazing, the color onto the lips, horrendous! I haven't seen anyone wear this without having zombie yellow teeth. When I wear it I warm it up by dabbing a touch of Russian red and blending it it.
Click here to see it applied in a blog post


  1. Love your collection. I love Ruby Woo although I'm keen to try Russian Red too as I think it may be my perfect shade for autumn and winter season x

    Ciara Rose | AllureImpassionedGoddess

    1. The russian red is by my standards perfect for autumn and winter season xx

  2. I'm jealous of your MAC collection! You have a great range of shades :)


    1. Haha, I am a beauty-holic and MUA as well though, I am very glad I'm born with the scrooge gene, or else I'd probably own their entire collection! xx