Long beautiful hair overnight

When you're growing out your locks, isn't it so frustrating to have the boring mid length style? After growing my hair out for quite a while, I went a bit mental and decided I either cut it short or buy extensions because I couldn't deal with the length anymore.

I didn't have time or money to get tapes or keratin ones, so I went for the clip in ones instead and I had heard a lot about Rapunzel of Sweeden clip-in extensions, I've now had them in three months so I am ready to talk about them.

My shade is #20 ash and it's a grey blonde color, and that's pretty rare to come around so my first impression was good. I went for 50 cm length straight because I didn't want it to be too long and different from my natural length, and I had heard the curly ones barely had any curl in them and that it would waste money so I chose the straight ones and curled them myself.

The extensions all came in one length, so I copped them up myself. But keep in mind that I have an education in hairdressing and proper tools. After I cut them they became a little too obvious in the front due to the thickness in my own hair and that they didn't have the flared out effect anymore, so I always pin my hair back when I am wearing them. And I curl and wash them when I am wearing them, as I don't use them every day. The curls gives me a more natural glide into my real hair, I feel like they show more when my hair is straight.

The extensions were medium thickness, I have not noticed any crazy shedding, they are formed to go thinner towards the ends. This looks very nice with curls so I am not complaining. And my hair is pretty darn thick either way, so if it was thicker then medium my hair would get massive. Though, if you have thinner and straighter hair these doesn't look as good because it can get kind of flat.

You can get them here for  989 NOK

If you're looking for hardcore realistic extensions to wear over time that looks amazing, do this at a certified hair salon. I only use mine when I feel like it and because I am growing out my natural hair.