Keep the cool

Anyone with grey and ashy hair knows the struggle of keeping that cold vibe, endless dyes, shampoos and toners. The Joico violet shampoo is here to end our struggles.

The Joico violet shampoo is extremely pigmented and soaks right into the hair. Depending on how dry or damaged your hair is, use repairing shampoo for dry/damaged hair, you can use the violet conditioner for the normal hair or if you want the most vibrant effective result use clearing shampoo first to open up the cuticles completely. The reason you want to open your cuticles are that more violet can be sealed in with your conditioner.

Next, you can combine intensive treatments and regular use depending on how ashy you want your hair. You can also use just intensive treatments or just regular use. For the intensive treatment, sit with it for at least 30 mins to an hour and rinse out, keep layering as your hair is drying in with it. Finish of with a deep conditioner (consider having some violet toner in it, I recommend Revlon 1002) and Joico violet conditioner to keep the color locked in and to maintain the hairs health.

I do this once a week, often on Sundays and wash my hair with more treating products in between because of the natural dryness in my hair. The more you use this and the more intensive treatments you have, the grayer and then lilac your hair will stay.

If you have light to medium natural ashy hair it will turn grey without bleach if you do the treatment for a couple of hours, I've tried. Which can be great if you want grey hair as the regular process of turning natural colored hair gray can be quite damaging. But if you don't want grey hair, only sit for 30 minutes with the intensive treatment max once a week. I hope you found this helpful, colder hair is in the wind right now and especially during the winter months we are now entering.


  1. Sounds like a great way to maintain ashy blonde hair, luckily I have naturally blonde hair!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. You're a lucky gal, I do too, but the sun tends to bleach my hair naturally a lot, even when it's not dyed, so I like a wash or two of this anyway! xx Right now it's dyed though, so I need to keep this to have my ashy-ness!

  2. I ended up with grey hair after my lilac/purple faded out and I really love it! It's definitely a happy mistake <3


    1. Oh, I love grey hair so much, it looks so chic! <3