Jorgobe peel of mask

Peel of masks has been in the wind for a while and the Jorgobe peel of mask was hyped here in Norway. The concept of this mask is that it's a gel like consistency when you apply it and then you sit with it for 25-30 minutes and you peel it off. The formula is created with witch hazel, black kaolin, echinacea, dragons's blood and oak charcoal. This mask is supposed to help with impurities, to balance the t-zone and to prevent blackheads.

I've used it this entire summer since June/july two to one times a week every week, so I've been testing it for quite some time now. My superficial comments is that I love the design and it looks very picture perfect and sleek. And I really like the fact that it's black and tick so you can see where you apply it. A negative thing is that it sticks to your fingers, so it should come with an applicator to prevent loosing a lot of product.

The main ingredients does this

...  Witch hazel is used in some skincare, but I know distilled witch hazel can help with bruising and hickeys so it probably calm the redness, but it also claims it reduces pores and deep-cleanses them.

... Echinacea is known to prevent infections, bacteria and impurities.
... Black kaolin clay absorbs excess sebum and reduces and cleanses clogged pores
... Oak charcoal absorbs oils and impurities
... Dragons blood the sap from the Croton Lecheri tree has a cleansing effect and calms stressed and sensitive skin

Maybe this has just happened to me, but the first time i used it my zits just ripened instantly, which is a sign it's working because it pulled out the excess oils, talc and removed bacteria, so my zits didn't get clogged. And the next time I used it my zits was nearly gone. I noticed a massive change in my zit's this summer, because I always break out in the summer because of the heat, but my zits wasn't as prominent this year.

How to make it as effective as possible
Exfoliate before you're applying the mask, this will ensure the mask to get deep into your pores
Massage into the T-zone, the massage will help the mask penetrate your pores
Finish off with a mild cleansing water to close your pores and a moisturizer suited for your skintype

You can get it for 22£ at their site here 

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