I've been splurging on Lush

Lush products are maybe some of the best in the world, and separate they smell divine. But we don't have a bathtub at home, but we do have one in our vacation home, so I can buy one once in a while when I'm going there.To the point, I picked up these three lovelies before my London trip, but the bathtub was dirty (needless to say, the thought of taking a bath there made me puke). I've been saving them since and plan to use them on my next trip to Järpen in Sweeden.
These are the three I picked up


Maybe the best smell I've ever smelt in the world, I literally want to wear this as a perfume. It has a soft smell of lavender.

Pop in the bath

This also smell pretty great, but what's interesting about this is that it create masses of bubbles, so you can have a bath taken out of a Hollywood teen movie.
Dragons egg

I got this for a friend at her birthday last year and she raved about how cool it was in the water, so I needed to pick it up!


  1. De så skikkelig fine ut da! Har aldri prøvd de faktisk...

    1. Skal prøve de i høstferien, kommer til å publisere det på insta! xx

  2. Replies
    1. The twilight is my favorite, it doesn't even smell like a bath bomb, it just smells heaven! xx