Sliced by glas FX Halloween tutorial

It's time for a SFX costume tutorial and getting our gore on! A small part of this video is in very bad lightning, but nothing affects the step by step tutorial, so I'm apologizing for the inconvenience!
The idea behind this (And why I added blood splatter), is that somebody flew into a window, a plane or car crash and the subject got some nasty splinters that hit too hard and blood splatter from the victim, and it really adds to the look as a costume!

Products used

Mehron Spiritgum
Ben Nye Nose and scarwax
Ben Nye master FX Bruise wheel red, dark red, blue
Mehron Liquid latex
Bloody Marvelous sillicut glas (These can be replaced with broken pieces of clear plastic, be careful)
Bloody Marvelous thick liquid dark blood for filling wounds
Kryolan dark liquid blood for blood splatter (Use a sfx brush or a toothbrush)
Cover the wounds in latex and powder them down if you're going to a halloween party (AKA wear this for a while and move your face) and then add blood splatter and creme paint, still add some beneath the wound underneath before latex .

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