I need my caffeine kick in the mornings...

Blissful Sunday mornings...
I am no stranger to my morning coffee and like sitting down with a good book and my coffee in the morning from a fancy cup. Currently I'm reading "Anna Karenina" and I'm on page 312, I'll hopefully get around to finish the last 600 pages soon. 

In a minute I'm helping my mom with makeup and cutting her hair, and then starting with my theatrical makeup. I was starting on the crank virus from the maze runner video, but the look is so dependent on the lenses that I'll wait until I get my mesh ones. 

Hope you have a calm blissful Sunday...


  1. Lovely photos! The cover of the book is amazing haha! I'm having a relaxing Sunday, hope you have a lovely Sunday too!

    1. It's a very good book as well and thanks, I am having a very good Sunday!

  2. Your copy of Anna Karenina is so beautiful!


    1. I am thinking of laminating it to make sure it stays this way, the picture is from the movie "Anna Karenina" xx

  3. Oh Sunday mornings are the best...if you can wake up for them. Hahaha! Congrats on starting theatrical makeup! I do makeup as well, and it's exciting to know people our age do it! <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

    1. I've been doing theatrical makeup for 1,5 years, but I did need to get my ass around and do another look, haha! Btw, how fun that you're also doing special effects makeup!! I love hearing other people my age doing it as well!

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  5. Sykt herlig, nydelige bilder! <3

  6. Sunday mornings like this are the absolute best, although I choose tea over coffee :)

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. Well, it's definitely the healthier option if you choose herb tea without sweetening xx And I love tea because of it's variety options