Glitter glam from bornprettystore

I got sent two different products to review from bornprettystore and I chose a 5 quad to review first. This was definitely my favorite  out of the two so I thought I'd tackle this first. The eyeshadow squad has a really long name, but it's number #6 and click here to get to the product.  

The colors
The colors are very glittery, like if you could be here with me you'd think we're having a disco! The 1 doesn't really have much pigmentation, but it will be nice matte colors if you want a more sparkly effect. The rest of them have build-able to high coverage. They're also very creamy and applied the best with my finger, keep in mind that fall-outs probably will happen and that you need a cloth underneat your eye when you're applying. And when it comes to applying with fingers, the best look is often to only have shimmer in the middle, so it shouldn't be a problem. Lastly the colors are quite warm which makes them good for more tanned beauties and autumn looks, personally I am going to use the silvery green-ish color all winter!

The packaging
It comes in a golden plastic compact, it looks nice, the colors on their own stand out quite a lot. Personally I like a clean sleek black compact the most, but it's not a bad packaging. It's quite sturdy so it'll manage travel and bringing it in you'r clutch etc.

Price 4.75$
The price of these 5 eyeshadows are 4.75$ + shipping which is really good in my opinion and great for the people who love their mattes and want only some glitter.

I also got a coupon code for the ones interested, 10$ off your order: EBOh10
Only valid on products without discount beforehand

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  1. This palette looks pretty. It reminds me of the L.A. Girl Cosmetics HD Color palette in Harmony. :)

    Jorj | Mad Cherry

  2. Takk for anbefaling og vurdering, den ser jo skikkelig fin ut!

    1. Bra du like det, takk for at du tok deg en tur innom!