Flesh wound video tutorial

Sorry this is up kind of late, I had some issues with the appliance, but yeah, this is my very first gelatin prosthetic! Let me know if you want a tutorial on creating the piece, or you can just buy a similar one if you're recreating this video, I linked one of but I couldn't find an exact replica.
Anyhow I'm getting ready for Halloween and plan on doing a sfx tutorial every weekend until 31st of October. 

Products used
Gelatin prosthetic (Similar)
Kryolan artex
Kryolan creature feature wheel and Nars sheer glow foundation
Skin illustrator rice paper and coral adjuster to match the skintone From the original palette
Skin illustrator burnt orange to create inflammation and smudged blood from the FX palette
Skin illustrator prime red, aged blood, ultra blue, black from the FX palette
Bloody marvelous fake dark blood
Ben Nye master bruise wheel
Ben Nye translucent powder


  1. Great special effects!


  2. Oh my god this is AMAZING! You are so damn talented! I hope your talents are being put to good use!

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    1. Haha, thank you! I hope to work some for red cross when I'm older and have finished school!