Autumn beauty wishlist

As the cold is approaching us I thought I'd warm our minds up a bit with beauty inspiration!

Vice 4 palette 60$
I'm thinking about clicking this baby home, it's a very gorgeous palette and Urban Decay has of course outdone themselves with the packaging again!

Too faced Le Grand Palais palette 58$
This gorgeous palette is absolutely to die for, and too faced doesn't disappoint in packaging. The Paris, pretty perfect look of this palette combined with mascara, a lipstick, their eyeshadow primer, 18 full eyeshadow pots, two blushes, one highlighter and a bronzer, it can not be beaten.

Marc Jacobs Kiss pop lacquer collectors edition 300$ 

No, you read the number right, a girl can dream. I've heard such great things about the Marc Jacobs lipsticks, and if I was a millionaire, I would definitely spend 300 bucks on a collectors edition of this. But for now I think it will have to stay on my beauty wishlist for a very long time!

The beauty blender 20$
The beauty blender has also been on my to-try list for a very long time, not 300 dollars, but it's still quite pricey for a sponge, so I've been postponed it for a very long time. I don't think I'll be getting it anytime soon, but when I get my hands on one I'll test it and write a long over-due blogpost on what I think about it.

All can be bought at Sephora.com


  1. Åherregud så fiiine!! Blir helt forelsket <3 Problemet er at jeg haddet brukt det svært lite, så er ikke noe vits i, men fysøren elsk <3