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It's been a while since I did a "sharing is caring" post, and I wanted to update you one some favorites this week that wasn't products or things I could have in my monthly favorites. So I hope you like this post!


The account Norusosaa on instagram is really inspiring and her pictures are so beautiful, if you're looking to get inspired I would definitely follow this girl on instagram. She usually posts beautiful product pictures and sometimes she has mini-reviews. Whenever I see her posts I really want to blog and write products reviews myself, and of course I want all the products, haha!

For the Norwegian readers, I've gotten hooked on Styleconnection.blogg.no, her pictures are amazing and so inspiring. Crazy and fun colored, so it always put's me in a good mood! I actually got the idea of "weekly" out of her blog! 


As I am growing a more frequent audience I want to treat my most active readers with a shout-out. This weeks it's Abigail Alice from abigailalicex.com. She's been so active in the comment section and it really warms my heart when my readers are active! ♥
Her blog is a super-stylish and with a clean design, "tubmlr" styled. Just coming into her home-page just makes you want to read her blog! She writes about beauty, fashion, personal and travel and most people can read it, as her blog is in English. 

Cold hearted snake from Glee song by the Character Santana Lopez/actor Naya Rivera has been playing in my ears constantly on repeat these last days. I heard it first in Glee a little while ago and I felt like it was such a sexy fun song that fits perfect when you're bored cleaning at home!

I've gotten hooked on Grays anatomy this week, and I might have mentioned this, but I like to watch series when I do special effects, especially things like making latex bald caps as they require a lot of waiting, and I am already on season 2 #noshame

I literally broke my microwave when I was heating up butter for dinner, it exploded.. So no I have to get a new one or else my sculpting will suffer.. Ups..

I've been dreaming about miles of white beaches, sex on the beach drinks, bikinis and wind in my hair this entire week. I am usually one for discovering different parts of the world, but the insane bad weather this summer in Norway really bit me with a beach bug..

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