The perfect matte pale pink lipstick for fair skin

Thiss is the lipstick "Snob" from MAC Cosmetics, it's a matte dirty pink color. I picked this up when I was back to school shopping, I eyed it out before going to London, but the MAC booth at IMATS was to crazy for one lipstick. So I when was out shopping some back to school necessities, aka folders, pants and bobby pins, I picked this baby up while I was shopping.
The color is a perfect matte pale pink for light skin. It's not quite a nude, but I haven't found any lighter matte versions. I guess you can lighten it up a bit using NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk or something similar.

So as all matte lipsticks it can be a bit drying, so make sure to scrub your lips before applying and make sure you're also applying lip balm. Other then that it stays on you're lips for about two hours or so before you need to re-apply, it kind of holds up when you eat, but not very well.