The body shop Africa Spa Xmenia&salt scrub

I got this beauty in the start of July and it's a big jar of scrub, basically. Usually I will make my own scrub combining sugar with honey or a liquid-y body lotion, and go straight in the shower because it removes any dead skin and really works in deep, but I've been loving this on the less dry areas and as a more frequent scrub instead of just the grainy once in a while.
I got this scrub because I had a gift certificate from the body shop, and I wanted a ready scrub I could just have in the shower.

Now this smells exotic, fresh and spicy at the same time, I definitely think of a weird combo, waterfalls and deserts when I smell this. It's far from fruity, which I personally love. The main ingredients are Xmenia and salt. The salt might fool you into thinking it's grainy, but it's very gentle. It doesn't really deep scrub anything but gently remove dead skin cells, so on my very dry legs I still like to do the sugar scrub technique.

In the jar it's very stiff and hard, but if you heat it up a bit it's smooth like butter. I like to heat it underneath warm water in the shower with the lid on.

The packaging is also very chic and spa like. It gives a luxurious vibe and after I finish this pot I will take care of it to store bathroom essentials like cotton pads. I love the color palette, brown mixed with the slightly transparent white contaminants.

All in all I love this scrub, and I think it's a nice gift to anyone who loves beauty products or spa products. But it's a little bit overpriced for a basic scrub, especially in the winter. But if I was to make my skin ready for summer, I would repurchase it.


  1. This scrub sounds lovely. I really like the packaging too as it's one of those jars you can save and make your own scrub!


    1. It is, it's only problem is that it's a bit expensive :)