Staying organized

Today has mostly been organizing everything. I've been planning blog posts, without much luck, I'm totally inspiration-less. Me and mom went to shopping yesterday, so my closet is on rehab. And I got a new wall cabinet, my special effect kit has been a mess, and even more, made my room look like a mess. Now I'll maybe do a sfx makeup collection tour later on, but my special effects and wall cabinet aren't very photogenic, so I left that out for now. But I thought maybe you'd like to see how I organize my makeup collection.

And I am really proud cause my beauty products all fit inside this neat little drawer, I think about getting a second on top, just for when I expand my collection so that I have two of the same.

How has your day been?


  1. Så deilig å organisere ting! <3

    1. Ja det er utrolig deilig å få orden på sakene, føler rommet er 10x større!

  2. Great organisational stash!