My first lifecast

This is what happens when I ask you about a favor... 

Yeah, so I've taken the step into casting. If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know that I've also been casting ears and fingers, but this was my first time casting a face. And no, I'm not suffocating her! I showed my model the picture and she stated she looked like a zombie! 

The result was actually way better then expected. Now the nose got jacked up and it's not fully filed. But this was only a practice cast and it works for creating generic shapes and such, I'll do now one for more practice and a more polished result. I used Neill's materials alignate, and I didn't layer this. I didn't know it was possible until after I had finished the piece. But for next time I will definitely remember it, and also to cast more on the sides and neck because I want a bit fuller face cast then this. Anyways, I pictured tearing, cracks, fails and so on, but luckily none of that happened and I've found my favorite alginate. 

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