IMATS London 2015 pictures

Made of the crew behind ILLWILLEDFX.com 

There was a stand, almost like a mini showcase museum of freakyness in the second floor with these amazing mask and artwork!

These are some of the AMAZING artwork I saw at IMATS London! If you want to see more from the show click here for more pictures, and tell me below, I still have a lot of pictures saved on my computer, I just didn't want to make these posts too long, also I'm kind off in a hurry today with a friend, but I wanted to leave something to inspire you also today.
Have you ever been to IMATS, or do you want to go? Leave it in the description below, and if you would like me to write about my experience, tips and travel tips about it, I would love to hear from you!

I believe this was from the Mehron booth, but don't quote me on that!

This actually ended up being the winner makeup in Battle of the brushes, and the girl I was talking to was so nice! I was really cheering for her as she seemed so enthusiastic, and of course very skilled! 

I just love the light/dark shadow and light play in this makeup!

And, of course something the walking dead, it wouldn't be a special effects gathering without some zombies! 


  1. Such incredible artistry!


  2. Yes indeed, I was so inspired!