How to achieve the latest trend, straighter brows without plucking

The latest scream in makeup is straighter brows, but how can you follow the trend without tweezing your naturally arched? Trends come and go, and with makeup you can just wipe it off, no biggie. So here are my tips on how to achieve straighter brows.


Start off with an eyeshadow to create your new brow. Taper the edge and make as straight of a line as you can on the underside of the brow. It is going to be a area that has no hair, and look very fake, but we're fixing that for later. And after that fill in the rest. Make sure the over-side of the brow is as
straight as possible as well.

After this, take a sharp hard wax based pencil and fill it in the same way using small strokes that will look like hair. The harder and thinner lines is created, the more realistic it looks. Make sure to not fill in your upper arch!

I don't have brow gel right now, so I can't do that, but if you have, taper the edge as most as possible and make it thin, not leaning downwards. But the rest of the brow hair should lean downwards.

Lastly take concealer underneath the brow and on the upper arch so you minimize the visibility of the hairs in your arch. This will create a neat straight brow that looks very natural.
Take a note, that if you have naturally very arched brows like me, creating a completely natural looking straight brow without tweezing is nearly impossible. But you can get it quite straight using makeup.And that a straighter brow can give you a more angry look, and it's a very masculine look, just to give you a heads up!


  1. Straighter brows - What? I didn't knew about this trend so far!! Thanks for posting this, Elise. I find your blog very inspiring and it makes me wanna practice more with my products on special effects :D Thumbs up, girl, keep sharing cool makeup with us xx
    Irina | alluremakeup.fr/blog

    1. It's kind of an up-coming trend you can see more of on models and bloggers actually, so soon I think it will be all over social media! Thank you, I am so glad to hear that, it warms my heart to hear that I made you want to practice sfx <3