How I am creating my header

In this camera-free period I'm happy I have a scanner on my computer! After nearly finishing 2/3 of the freelance work for this month I took a break last night and started on my new header. I wanted it to be simplistic, but still represent me and my blog. Therefore I've matched my own silhouette with a typical fashion sketch style of a makeup run I actually did yesterday. The header is therefore personal, chic and totally unique, as it's my own illustrations. 

I started out by taking pictures of my face in different angles to get the perfect silhouette, since the Ipad is the perfect size, and tracing my lines over on the paper by laying the paper onto the screen. After doing that I duplicated the sketch by tracing onto another white sheet. And I used sheet nr 2 for testing, but I ended up liking the eye much better on this then my main sketch, so when I was scanning in my drawing I edited out my main eye and fit in my 2 sketch eye.

After I finished drawing, using a blacckmarker pen, promarkers and a white gel pen, as I said I scanned the pictures in. I went on and edited them correcting contrast and such, then making myself a white base for the header with the right size in Paint. After I added the illustration to the header and fixing up any lines, I used GIMP with a splatter brush in baby blue and with a airbrush technique to add a soft cloud for me to write on. Saving that, I added the text in Photoscape and in the end, this is my finished result: