Hidden beauty gems

In the makeup world, people get caught up with what's hyped up like the anastasia beverly hills palette. And most products deserve their hype, but we tend to forget about the non-mainstream brands. Ben Nye is one of those, loved by the makeup artists, but not a brand most people know about. The Ben Nye products are expensive, but they have more product in them then normal beauty makeup as well. 

Today I am going to talk about one of these hidden gems, the media pro palette. Made for makeup artists to have each foundation shade available. I got mine in fair as most of my clients are light to medium, you can also get this in medium-dark or global (Which include a more varied selection). 

The foundations are build-able and have medium coverage and have a sheer finish to them. Personally I think this is a great palette for contouring, to correct your skin tone and you don't need to change foundation if you're tanning or lose your tan. For makeup artists that work with clients, you can be pleased to know that the palette has a built in mixing plate, so you can mix shades straight onto the palette. 

The price for this palette is 80$ at camerareadycosmetics.com or at your local retailer.


  1. Den hørtes og så jo veldig fin ut da! Spesielt hvis man er interessert i sminke :)

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    2. Ja den er utrolig praktisk!

  2. Loved reading this :D xx