Bronzer VS. contour, what is the difference?

What is really the difference between a bronzer and a contour?
To put a simple conclusion, contour is supposed to shape your face and bronzer is there to make you look more toasted. But you can't use the same products for the same use, that's where it get difficult.

A bronzer often contain some shimmer, it's way warmer so it leans toward orange, red or gold. But bronzers should be placed on a larger area and be more blended out. You wouldn't have any harsh lines unless you've worn sunglasses ex-tetra.You apply bronzer in the cheek area underneath your cheekbone and blended up and out. You also apply it to your jawline, your temples to the side of your cheekbone (As a frame), forehead and chin. It kind of looks like a 3 number. This will frame your face and give it a healthy glow, as if the sun hit you there.

Even though your nose would also be hit by the sun, avoid putting bronzer in the middle of your face, this only make you look dirtier, wrong proportioned and give the illusion of a bigger and wider nose.

Personally I love my ELF Cosmetics bronzer duo for my bronzing, it's not too orange so looks like I've actually been tanned and that I'm glowing. It leans against the gold side more then orange. Be careful with orange contour powders, they look easily fake and cakey.

Now a contour is to bring definition to the face that isn't already there. This is far more concentrated and placed in a smaller area. The color should be colder as a shadow and matte. Taupes tend to make great contour shades. It doesn't need to have more color intensity then the bronzer, but it isn't as blended out. This is to simulate shadow, and highlight to bring the shadows forward.

You can use a bunch of different products for contouring, but broken down, cremes and powders are the best way to contour. This can be specialized contours, eye shadows, concealers and foundations. In the picture above I used "Faint" and "Naked 2" from the naked basics 1 palette.

For a very on-fleek application these two looks great together, apply bronzer first so you don't smudge out your contour too much.

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