Behind the curtain, makeup-runs

This is pretty much how I've spend my day besides cleaning and editing my freelance work. I do rough sketches of makeup, but I definitely get more of an over-view when I actually test-run my makeup ideas. I am not the greatest drawer, so face charts can sometimes suffocate my creative vibe and I end up using so much time to get it neat that the original idea and passion disappears. Therefore as long as I can I like to paint out my ideas before doing them on a model or model wounds into clay as appose to draw it. 
I find that when I actually test the makeup beforehand instead of drawing it I stick to my idea, do the work much faster and often neater, because I can find out things I do and don't like. 

Here I can for example see that the blue takes up a lot more attention as appose to the orange and if I was working with somebody I would make the orange more visible. But since it's my own design and result, I am considering doing one in orange and one in blue. I am also considering if I should have the white face paint or do it with regular foundation. 
By the way, the reason my shoulders aren't painted and I don't have any lip color on is because this is only a test run, and I don't feel it's necessary to paint anywhere then I need.