Back to school; what's in my backpack

It's that time of the year for many, back to school. And if you're curious, this is what I keep in my backpack for my 13th year. 

Laptops have definitely taken over the high schools in Norway, and it makes it quicker and easier to take notes. And in my second year of hairdressing/crafting, in ordinary classes we could do just fine with only our computer.

Pens, a retractable pencil, eraser, colored pencils, pencil sharpener and a calculator.
After thirteen years in the game I've started to see what works for me. I don't like spending a huge amount of money on back to school supplies, and I always end up borrowing out (and losing!) every pencil  I have. So I only take the few supplies I have from last year, maybe fill in an extra black pen.

Emergency beauty-essentials
This is definitely a silly one, but in my year at hairdressing I got so used to always having a comb or my little Moroccan nearby. So I need to have a comb in my locker, my travel perfume bottle and a hair oil in my pencil case. I don't like bringing my entire makeup collection, just these three so I can tame my crazy curls and smell extra good always. 

Sketching pad
I am going into year 13 with general admission, which means that these last two years of creative classes will be no more. So I don't really need a sketching pad, but I do. First off it's nice to have something to doodle on under lectures if you're starting to loose your focus, instead of drawing on your books. Second I always keep a notebook near in case I get any ideas, sometimes they work and sometimes they don't, but I write them down anyways.

Archive folder
I absolutely need something to keep all my papers inside. I am such a messy person, which is classic for creative persons, I tend to laugh of myself for it.  But as I am quite distant, in another world, I need routines and force myself to be organized. And this is how I do it.

Although most of our notes are done on our laptops there are still some teachers that wants their students to put down their laptops and write by hand. And sometimes it's nice to be able to  doodle down an example in science or to write something down. I tend to understand math a lot better when I have the calculation written down. 

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