Strobing, does it do anything?


If you're here I am guessing you're into beauty blogs or instagram at least, and unless you've been living under a rock you've heard of this new trend called "Strobing" which is presented as this new innovate beauty technique.
First of, this is a PR stunt from the beauty business, strobing is just another word for highlighting without contouring and mainly using shimmery products. Now over to the point, does it work, and even more important, does it look good?

If you have darker skin you can pull this of way more easily, but lighter girls tend to look a lot easier greasy for some reason. Now when you strobe you highlight the cheekbones, nose bridge, underneath your eyebrows, over the eyebrow, chin, cupids bow and if you're feeling extra shiny, the middle of the forehead and jawline.

Personally from an artist perspective this is not a suitable trend for all of the ones that want to wear it all out. You look oily very easily and you need to check if it looks good regularly during the day if you're going full in.
So you need flawless skin or at least not a oily skin type to pull this off, and lots of confidence as you only bring attention to the areas, not sculpting anything.
Highlighting and contouring are in my opinion supposed to go hand in hand, highlight brings features forward and contour brings shadow so it balance each other out. To put it easily you can risk going out and look like you've tripped in white powder or ran a marathon and didn't shower.
You can compare highlighting/contouring to painting, painting with only base/highlights look flat and undefined, paintings with only base/shadow looks hollow, but a combination of both looks more natural and beautiful.

Personally I give this trend a thumbs down but thumbs up for dewy looks, if you like this trend but don't want to look greasy, try highlighting the cheekbones, the nose bridge, over/under brows with a shimmery powder and a matte foundation as a base. Then your whole face doesn't shine but you still look radiant. This is a very good tutorial and explanation from Nikkietutorials on strobing!

Sorry I didn't have any original pictures and it was just a ramble today, but I just got home after 10 hours driving and 2 hours work, so blogging didn't exactly appeal..

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