Real techniques travel set, worth the hype?

Real techniques brushes are really cult- products, but are they really worth the hype? I picked up the travel set in H&M and I've tested them for about two weeks now.
First of, I like that they give full size in their travel sets. And it did come with a brush holder, which will help keep the brushes nice and undamaged on travel. I love the sleek design and it's especially important with pretty design for bloggers as products look better in pictures then! The brushes are really soft and picks up pigment very well, there is also a fourth brush in the set and it's in a classic foundation brush shape. I don't tend to use these a lot, so I haven't tried that one out.

Powder brush

The powder brush is quite compact and gives the ground for a nice full coverage. I actually also like to apply foundation with this when I am travelling to save space. and it works perfect for that airbrushed not to packed on look. I use mostly foundation in my cheeks to cover redness, so I don't need full coverage, this gives medium to light depending on the product and the pressure you put. If you want fuller coverage I suggest you look into the beauty blender or a classic foundation brush.
It also gives a nice layer of powder and really helps matting down the face.

Contour brush

Blends well and picks up pigments very well, so be aware when applying so you don't get to much.

Detail brush
Perfect for applying highlight in the inner corners and concealer at hard to reach places. I wouldn't spend money on this individually due to the little use you get out of it, but it's a nice addition to a set.

The brushes are affordable, accessible and very good quality, some of the best I've tried. So if you're looking for a brush brand to invest in, this is a very good choice and they are definitly worth the hype.
You can get them in England at boots.com  for 21.99 pounds and at H&M in Norway.


  1. Takk for en liten omtale! Har en stor pudderbørste som jeg elsker! Hårene ligger så tett, og den er så myk - funker veldig bra <3