Please use your brain, it's what it's there for

I rarely make posts about incidents that makes me angry and disappointed. But this is something that concerns me, and needs to be said; when doing body art, please be careful.

I came over a posts on a group I am in for arts, where a girl claimed she had created "fake" cuts (Superficial kind, don't worry). She posted underneath "FAKE CUT" in the description that it was created with a needle and pro markers. First of, that's not fake, if it was fake no damage would be done to her skin. Second this can potentially be extremely dangerous, and yes in most cases, it's fine. But all those nasty bacteria on the needle and the bacteria and ingredients in the pro-markers can create one hell of an infection. It's really not that different from taking a tattoo at home, which I will say most people think is a bad idea. You are sticking needles into your skin, most probably not sterilized enough. Pure essentially the only difference is that this just leaves a scar instead of permanent ink. And yes, this will create a scar.

And for the people saying these types of "Makeups" are greatly done, it's not. A great makeup "adds" without showing the addition of product and fake skin and still looks real.

So please if you are interested in sfx makeup, look up videos, buy proper equipment, talk to us, the ones who has done this a long time and knows how to do it. I can't talk much for prosthetic yet, but I damn sure know enough about wax, painting and other ways of creating fake scars. Don't damage the skin, at least not on purpose, don't claim it's a fake damage if you have done this because it's not and never do this on anybody else.
This wasn't directly meant to the person I saw posting this because I know a lot of people do this at Halloween or just because they're bored but don't have proper equipment. Please stop it, you're giving aspiring and sfx mua's a bad reputation.

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