NARS sheer glow foundation

I finally upgraded to a high end foundation again. As I've mentioned before, I have a struggle with finding the perfect foundation match, and yes, the inner makeup artist in me would just buy a white foundation and lighten up whatever brand I chose that matched my skin type. But the inner sloth in me don't want to bother doing that every morning.  Anyhow, I'm babbling on now!

I decided to choose this because when we went to France last year one of my friends Marianne got herself the NARS sheer glow foundation and it matched perfectly both of our skins. But then I was still using my mac NW1, and that was actually a bit too dark for me. So I ended up with the maybelinne 110 since they don't sell NARS in Norway,which was great but could get a bit oily, basically a better high street foundation but not up to the standards I am used to. And it was almost out, so I picked up this baby whilst I was in England at Selfridges for 31 pounds.

Color, finish and coverage

I got mine in fair Siberia. This color is very good for neutral fair girls. I am not warm enough for the classic ivory shade and not pink enough for the classic porcelain shade, but this one is the perfect middle in between.
Now the finish is dewy, so it does not match with oily skin. I found it to wear off a lot easier and didn't hold completely up in the heat in London when I was walking around. But at the days I spent inside it was perfect and has worked for me perfectly after I got home to Norway. I found it important to mention anyways, in case you are living in a more humid environment and you have normal to oily skin. Anyway I love the dewy finish as the skin looks much more real and healthy this way.
The coverage is build able but already middle to high, I would be careful with building up as most foundations cake up when there is too much product, including this one. Especially higher quality foundations because they're a lot more concentrated, remember that less is more. 


I guess it's cost efficient in the length, but I don't like that you need to buy a separate pump, and once the pump is on  you can't put the cap back on which I don't like either. 



I would say it holds up during the day and can handle eight hours wear, but you do need to set it with powder. It will disappear on the nose and the forehead after a couple of hours if you don't touch up with powder during the day though. 

I do certainly think it's worth it, I haven't had any bad experience with it except for the pump. It's certainly pricey, but unless you use a lot every day it will last you a long time.

I give it 4/5


  1. Oouh, takk for tips! Er på leit etter en ny foundation, men er litt usikker på hvem jeg skal kjøpe... Denne virket og så jo ihvertfall fin ut :)

    1. Jepp, som nevt ovenfor så er denne definitivt verdt pengene! :)