Moonstone, my inspiration for a upcoming series

Ring from Lom in Norway

I got this ring as a present from my mom  earlier this summer and I love it. Moonstones really fascinates me and looks otherworldly to me, so I was really inspired to do some looks inspired by this stone!

It's the end of the month so I was really supposed to upload my favorites, but my fish brain forgot my camera charger where I'm doing some film work and she won't be back until two weeks from now if it's there or else it disappeared on the way home. I'm just hoping that it's there or else it would suck, but that's life. 

So I had to use a post I wasn't expecting to use for a while as I didn't have any battery. Luckily my friends and I's chargers match so I got to borrow hers on Monday, therefore I may have a little bit too much phone pictures these next two days and there wont be any videos up until I have found my charger. Anyhow, I just wanted to mention it as it will affect my blogging. 

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