Luxury worth splurging on...

I think we can all agree that we don't treat ourselves with luxury as much as we would have wanted to. Being in the beauty business of course let's me buy hair products cheaper, and I make a bigger budget for more expensive makeup. But the truth is that I rarely buy myself makeup, I just tend to buy a bunch when I've saved up and can afford it.
And yes some cheaper makeup can be good, but sometimes we want the quality of high-end. Now these are my favorite luxury items I always turn to and I feel is worth splurging on.

Estèe Lauder sumptuous waterproof extreme mascara
Right before Lancôme this is my favorite mascara and have yet to find a better cheap alternative. Mascaras do need to be replaced more often then other beauty products due to bacteria, and therefore a lot of people save on this. But I disagree, the eyes are the windows to your soul, so you better make the curtains look beautiful. 

Urban Decay Naked Basics palette
I mention this in way too many blog posts, but there is a reason for it. A perfect go-to and very blend-able, a perfect buy! And I do also have an unpopular opinion, I don't really get the hype with the bigger Naked palettes. They're just neutrals at an insane price and to be honest, there is a lot of great other options. And no-one needs that many nudes in a palette if they can get almost equally as good products elsewhere.

MAC Fluidline blacktrack
A great gel-liner I love. I had a bit of trouble with my pot and the upper layer was dried, but I tried digging a bit and the pieces that hadn't dried was amazing. And I will at some point repurchase this, but this time I'll be a bit bolder with the return policy if it's dried then I was with this pot. 

OPI 3-1 nail strengthener, base coat and topcoat
My nails completely dried out with my hands in hairdressing combined with me working on plaster etc. but as long as I applied this the nails didn't completely break of. Now this is the only strengthener that's done this and the other brands have just let my nails crack, at least the ones I've tried per now. I haven't tried the pure nail strengthener from OPI so I am looking forward to testing that in the future.

Joico liquid re-constructor
In the past my hair hasn't been treated very well, and my ends are still having the consequences of that. But this has really saved the ends of my hair and holds it nice and strong. I usually use this after I've showered in towel dry hair and let it air-dry in. 

The perfect matte red lipstick, MAC Russian Red 
I love the Russian Red lipstick and I feel like it's a red that most people can wear. Although Ruby Woo is the best seller in MAC I prefer this because it's slightly darker and I think it's a perfect classic red lipstick.


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