London in my heart

Hyde park is such an amazing place and we went through it the first day since it was such good weather, we also visited the old bond street/Soho area and Camden town. 

I loved walking down new and old bond street and the luxuiruous stores nearly made me feel like I was in a movie, dreaming of a day when I can afford to shop here, haha!

If I ever was a princess, all my dresses will be Chanel and my jewelry would be from Tiffany!

I love Camden town, it's such a crowded colorful and inspiring place, it's the kind of place you imagine all struggling artists hang out at before they're big and famous! 

This little guy literally followed us such a long time and got very close, I was about 5 inches from it at some point and it was really curios about my latte, probably from the scent, it was so tame it would have jumped into my hands and take a bite of a pastry if I had any! 

Thanks London for an amazing stay and I hope it's not to long until I see you next time!

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