June favourites

June is already over and you know what that means, favorite posts all over the blogging community!

Dreamdays countdown app

I've been looking at this non stop the last month before summer vacation as I was so buzzed about finishing this year. And it kept me motivated when I came up in exams and had bad days. I just looked at how little time was left of the hard work and was relieved when I compared it to the 180 other schooldays I'd already been through. And I also have a countdown to my trip to London for IMATS this year, so I've been super exited for that as well.

My makeup forever black eye shadow

I bought this when I was in France, but haven't reached all that much after it until now as I got a perfectly good black in my naked basics palette and only used this when I wanted really intense eyes. But recently I started some experimenting with all the makeup I own and I fell in love with it again. I was sure when I bought it, it is the perfect matte true black eyeshadow, it's just that it was convenient to use the one that came with the palette.  But I promised myself I would start experimenting more on a daily basis.

My life saving naked basics palette

Speaking of the naked basics palette, I've also used this non stop as I'm getting into the routine of doing more makeup then brows and mascara at school, and I needed some shadows that are easily blend-able, quick and convenient for my everyday makeup. Only change is that I've accompanied it with more of my MF black eyeshadow and my vice 2 palette.


Summer is here and although you are supposed to wear sunscreen every day all year round I'm not too good at keeping that up. But in early june I went ahead and got a small facial sunscreen to keep in my purse so I remember to apply it and have a bigger one for the body at home. It's so important to take care of your skin, and sunscreen will not only prevent future sundamage and wrinkles, but also protect the skin from cancer. 


I watched all through season 1,2 and 3 through June, so I guess you could say I'm a bit obsessed! I don't know why I haven't watched it before, I saw the pilot episode one sunday at a norwegian tv channel and looked it up on netflix.