It's nothing like Chanel

I got a Chanel lipstick from I friend who didn't like the color herself and gave it to me, who adores berry shades. And after that I've been hooked. Although I may never let myself buy a Chanel purse or clothing, I can still smell Chanel and have makeup from my favorite designer.

First off, the color is fabulous and I'd buy it just for that and the packaging is on point. The staining power is amazing, I literally had this stain on my hand for two days because I forgot to wipe it right off. And that's with anti-bac and constantly washing my hands with plaster. And it wears off with dignity.

Another great thing is that it doesn't dry out your lips like most lipsticks do, it's moisturizing when it's on.

Yes it's a bit pricier then most lipsticks, but it stays so well on you don't have to reapply all day, and with all the benefits, if you can afford a Chanel lipstick I would go for it.

Colour, mine has gone out of stock (fuchsine), but Rouge Allure "Envoüante" (LE)  is color wise a match with a bit more shine.

Price, 36$

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