Inglot liquid eyeliner in "26" semi shine black review

I haven't been a huge fan of liquid eyeliners this past year, I always go for cream eyeliner and because I am so used to it and I've found better luck with these. And it has always taken me less time. But at IMATS I decided to give it a go again since I have heard so greatly about Inglot's products and I was already picking up quite a few items from their freedom system line.


The color is a true black and doesn't dry into dark gray as a lot of liquid eyeliners do. It's not a matte, but I do believe the nr 25 is matte.


It claims that it dries quickly, is nearly waterproof, highly pigmented and have a fine tip brush for precise application. It does definitely dry fairly quickly and I had it on for several hours and it did not budge. I tested how waterproof it was and before I rinsed it off I took a shower with it, and when I came out it hadn't smeared down my face. The flicks had faded a lot after I wiped without thinking with a towel, but the upper lash line was only a little bit faded and still gave me a nice liner. Now ya'll shouldn't go and shower with this thing on, but you don't need to worry about raining and spontaneous trips to the beach.
However, this was with the primer potion and eye shadow, it does not hold up more then 2-3 hours before beginning to flake off if you're using it alone on your eyelid.
About the brush, the quickest, most precise and best way would be to form it like a pen as a lot of companies has started doing lately. But it's quite fine tipped so I didn't take long to applicator and it was easy to get a nice clean line.

The price is around 16 dollars, which is average price, it's an okay eyeliner but it's not worth the price as you have use it with primer and eye shadow. I personally don't think I'll repurchase it.

I give this 3/5