How to cover your dark circles

Are you struggling with dark circles? Here is how to cover them using concealer.
First of you need to find the undertone in your veins, are the circles more blue or violet?
If they are more blue, you most likely have a cold skin tone according to most makeup brands, and if they're violet then you most likely have a warmer skin tone according to most makeup brands, like me who are olive-toned.
The reason why I say according to most makeup brands is that they tend to call yellow based warm and red based cold, which is opposite from how it actually works because red is warm.
Now, you need to find a concealer which is based on the opposite side of the color wheel.

Purple is eliminated by yellow 

Blue is eliminated by orange (AKA a salmon shade) 

Personally I find Ingolts concealers ideal for color correcting. as they look strong at first but blends into the skin perfectly once applied and you can control the intensity.
Here you can see the difference before and after appliance.



This is after using only corrector, if you want it to be completely covered you can powder your corrective layer, add a concealer with the right tone (Yellow or salmon based) with higher coverage, foundation and then a setting powder. On the picture below I've covered it completely.

So yes, this is how to cover your dark circles, are you going to try it?