Goodbye redness

Beauty tip: If you struggle with red and uneven skin, here is how you combat that.

For the red tinted one

Smashbox photo finish primer anti-redness (Any green based primer will work, I've just seen the results of this as a corrector and as a primer) or green foundation/concealer mixed with regular foundation. Personally I don't have the Smashbox primer, but one of my friends Tiril has it and it works perfect on her skin and makes the makeup stick all day as well.
Adding a primer to the entire face will help to avoid redness in the face during the day. Perfect if you struggle with a naturally red face or tend to get red very easily.

Inglot "G"

For concentrated correcting
If you have more spotted redness a green base can give you a sickly look to your face and it might not cover the areas you want to correct enough. For more concentrated correcting a green concealer is perfect. My underneath nose area  and on the area between my nose and cheek tend to get really red, so I prefer to concentrate instead of adding correcting to my entire face.
Just apply the product on the area and blend out with a small brush, I like using real techniques travel set concealer brush for this, it's really small so you will have max control.


  1. I love your post dear! Have a nice day:)


    1. Thank you, I am glad you liked it!