When life give you lemons...

I love the scent of lemons, and since I'm working with my hands in water or drying clay all day I am kind of addicted to hand creams. The scent is so amazing that all I want to do is sniffing my hands the entire day when I'm wearing it. This cuticle butter can also be used on dry spots like elbows, heels and wherever you feel like. I finally found a cream that keeps my hands from cracking besides my body shop hand cream which is far less product at a similar price.

Pros is that it's durable in use, so it will last you a long time if you only use it for hand cream. It does soften your hands and it goes on kind of hard, but when you massage it in it's smooth like butter. 
Cons, it leaves a greasy feeling and doesn't absorb well into the skin properly before 5-10 minutes has passed, and a note on the smell, if you don't like lemons, you'll find the scent quite gross. 

Another great thing is if you collect five clean full size pots or tubes from Lush you get one free fresh face mask. So if you do buy this, make sure to take care of the pot!
This has also received wonderful reviews online at Amazon and lushusa.com.

Price 16.95$

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