Seven Deadly Sins Envy

Hello, it's been a while since I did my last seven deadly sins look, so I thought it was about time to attack one of the looks I found hardest to have an idea for.This is one of the more simplistic looks I would like to work more on before I create a tutorial, but it was all I had for then.

The reason I started this particular look, was that I were working on some latex prosthetic last night for a different makeup. And since it's basically just waiting on next layer to dry, I always do things meanwhile. Clean, paint or something else at least. And I decided to actually try to make a look out of the topic "Envy" and just sat there with my makeup, no planning, just creating.

I've been thinking about creating my deadly sins looks into a video tutorial series, what would you think about that? I'm going to make a poll on the sidebar here, and I hope you vote :)

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