Ripped hand exposed metacarpus bones video tutorial

Sorry this is a day late, I struggled to get this uploaded because my network card on my private computer has broken down. So I have to edit videos/pictures on my private computer on my editing programs and then transfer them to my school computer.
Anyhow, this is my video for the ripped hand look I tested a few months ago. I wanted to make a proper look and not just practice the technique. It did actually take two takes as I learned quickly with irregular shapes it's important to make it in the order bones, muscles and then edges otherwise it's a nightmare to apply and make right.

This was more of the cheap look, so to make this 100% natural and close up realistic, you would have to sculpt and make the pieces in silicone or something similar as appose to scar wax.
For products, see the description of the video. 


  1. UÆÆH får helt rykninger, ser så utrolig bra ut!! Huff, sykt bra :D