I've given up

I ordered myself extensions last week.
And seeing as I just got up in oral exams I think I deserve it. At least that's what I tell myself.
I've been stuck with medium length hair for years now seeing as I've had some accidents (ehrm bleaching to death). But since about summer 2014 I'd stopped bleaching, straightening etc. and I was finally getting long healthy hair when an incidence happened at school when a poor girl added super-effective bleach recommended by our teacher, not being told you're supposed to throw it in and wash it out. Leading me sitting with it for two hours..

A week, tears and 15 cm shorter hair later I was back to my shoulder length hair. I've been patient, but I was about to cut it all of in frustration. As a last try to help with my patience until I grow it out again, clip extensions.

So here they are, I didn't want to get tape as it's a lot more expensive and I wanted to grow my own hair out instead of being stuck with it since the tape damages the hair a lot. I'll do a review and such when I've worn them for a couple of months, but they come from rapunzel of sweeden.

But what I can say for now is that they're exactly the right colour, and yes they don't look silky smooth in this photo, but I braided them tight and left them overnight to get a bit frizzy, since my own hair is frizzy. And until I get a haircut and figure out how to wear these without it showing I'm just going to braid them into my real hair.. 


  1. I got my hair cut up a few years ago and short hair did not suit me at all so clip in extensions where my saviour :) Your extensions look really natural :)


    1. Thank you, and yes! The struggle of short hair!

  2. Ojoj så mye stress! Bra det fikset seg til slutt da - det ser veldig fint ut ihverfall :D

    1. haha, ble veldig mye stress, men ja det gjorde det, tusen takk :D