Eyes to kill

Picture borrowed from swissmakeupblog.ch 

Don't we all secretly want luxurious voluminous long black lashes? Well, sadly most of us wasn't blessed with that. And that is where the perfect mascara come in.
I used my beloved Lancôme hypnose drama mascara for a long time, when I decided to switch it up with the Estèe Lauder Sumptuous extreme waterproof mascara and it's become my holy grail.


Keep in mind that I have light lashes, so the transformation will be more extreme then if I had black lashes.
The Estèe Lauder sticks to your lashes with it's life nearly, you can pretty much cry your eyes out and this bad boy won't be running down your cheeks. And it really holds up the curl as it's waterproof when you use your eyelash curler.
I love this on vacation because it handles train trips, beach days and a night out without smudging. So if you're looking for some go-to makeup for your summer vacation you should pick this up.

The color is truly black and intensifies your look completely. Of course if you don't like a sharp look on an everyday basis I would go for something with brown or grey instead, but personally I love black full lashes.

Lastly, the price is around 25-30 dollars, which is a lot for a mascara. But I always buy mine when I'm (Or any friends or family) out travelling at tax free, so the price is somewhere around high-street level as appose to high-end if you buy it there.
Sorry that the top picture isn't an original, I only had time to throw on mascara and then take a picture of it as I've had exams today. Well I hope I'm of the hook for this time.. I did post original lash photos though, to ensure the results were accurate. 


  1. This is nice. But I don't know if it's available in the Philippines. I'm currently using one from Etude House but it just turned gummy and my lashes stick together, but I like this. It looks like it has finer bristles. Next month, I'll be attending a Gala, and for making my lashes thicker, I was thinking of cheating and trying out fake lashes. Ha! But I've never really tried a pair before. Good luck to me on that.

    Stay Awesome,
    Kintsugi of Life

    1. I haven't tried the etude house one, try asking for a sample/travel size when you're buying your next mascara, this can be slightly sticky if you blink your lashes together, but if you jiggle the brush it shouldn't be a problem. But a mascara shouldn't be gummy, it sounds awful!
      False lashes is a great option if you want longer lashes, but it's time demanding, so if you're opting for lashes every day, I would consider lash extensions as it's cheaper in the long run and a lot less time demanding. Anyhow, it often take a couple of times to get it right.

      With love, Elise

  2. Fab post! Very lovely photos too. Happy Monday dear! :)

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    1. Thank you, happy monday to you to dear! :)

      With love, Elise

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    1. Den er veldig bra også :D
      -Elise <3