Why I've been MIA

I posted on IG that I wouldn't post much (at least makeup) in May because of "russetid". And I thought I'd share here as well. So in Norway we have a yearly tradition that the graduates from high school celebrate russetid. If you go two years and have "yrkesfag" which means more profession focused you are "svartruss", you go with black pants. If you go three years and get general admission you are red, if you go farming then you're green and if you go economics or service you are blue.

I am black because I didn't know I was finishing with general admission next year until after I'd ordered my pants and joined the "russ"-council. But I don't mind either way, I'm finishing two years of hairdressing profession and I'm going to celebrate, my third year is a different study ^_^

I wanted to let you know why my updates has been few and sparingly, and that I will update when I have time!

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