The maze runner series 3 "The Death Cure" book review

I've finally finished the series and I was a lot more impressed with this book then the other ones. The book was catching and more well written then the rest of them.

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The plot
Contains spoilers if you haven't read the first two books.

Thomas survived the Scorch and is now seemingly free. WICKED still needs his help and wants to remove his memory swipe. Thomas, Newt and Minho runs away with Brenda and Jorge that was actually workers of WICKED. Thomas is no longer scared of the Flare as it turns out he's immune, so are most of the gladers except a few test subjects, which included Newt. There is nothing unique to being immune, the subject are just the ones most resistant to the Flare.

When they have escaped Thomas and the others discover that they can still be controlled and Brenda takes Minho and Thomas to a former doctor of WICKED who is now an opponent. But when they remove WICKED's control over Thomas they also remove the ability to talk telepathic with Aris and Theresa. If you've read the second book though, after what they did to Thomas he didn't mind.
Out there they get a taste of the real world and how it's really like, and they join a opponent group of WICKED called the red arm.
If you want to know more you have to read the book. 

The book is exiting and fun to read. It's not a memorable book and it won't stick with me though, my problem is that the author uses cheap tricks to get the readers keep reading. For example there was a note Newt gives Thomas. It implies that it's super important for the plot, but turns out to be something separate from the mission.
The ending really had me thinking and was quite thought provoking. It could might as well have happened it real life and that was quite scary. All in all I find this a exiting book and the end was amazing. It was worth it after reading to the very end.

I gave it 3/5 stars on goodreads.

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