Love, Tanya by Tanya Burr book review

Although I've been in the middle of "russetid" I still find some time to relax and calm myself down and I love doing that with books. I literally raced through this book and finished it in the matter of days. So I wanted to write a review of it, since it won't be any theatrical thursday today as I'm having birthday and only want to relax.

Borrowed by chantelle hudson.

The book is about Tanya Burr, her childhood, life, love, recipes, some beauty pages, fashion, about her anxiety and youtube.

The book is beautifully designed and filled with inspiration. It is a nice coffee table book as it works both for reading and decoration.The text is light and readable which makes it suitable even for the people who don't like to read.
I liked it and was a fresh breath of air between fiction books. But I do think you should have followed Tanya for a while on social media before reading the book, simply because I think you would find it boring.

Have you read the book?


  1. Lovely! Have a nice weekend sweetie!

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  2. Happy Birthday ! :) Really want to read this book now .