The Maze Runner 2 "The Scorch trials" review

The second book of the maze runner trilogy wasn't really all that catching.. I don't think they're horrendous, but I wouldn't buy them all over again. That being said, I like the plot, and the book series are okay so I find them worth continuing..
The author is good with excitement curves, but lacks descriptional abilities. I feel like I'm reading what the characters feel rather then feel it myself in big parts of the book.
And the challenges seems to be repetitive, they must fight off something called Grievers, cranks, lightbulb giants and so on. Meaning that there is a lot of fighting, and the character seem to have the same roles and always going with the same tactic.

But it's a very inspirational book for theatre makeup or painters etc. because there are these crazy cool creatures and I honestly think the books will turn into great movies!

The plot

OBS! Contains spoilers if you haven't read the first book

Thomas and the rest of the Gladers have finally fought themselves out of the Maze, and believe they have been saved. But it turns out they were just under another trial under the control of WICKED. A government owned company made to save the world from a hideous disease called the Flare.
In book number two they are informed more then in the Maze. There is another group that have been under the same trial, the only difference is that these are girls. Teresa has been captured and placed in group B (The girl group) and a boy called Aris has been captured and placed in group A (The boy group). 
When they wake up in the morning after their saviour, the guards are killed and the Gladers have label tattoos over their back. Then they meet "Rat man", that informs them they all have been contracted with the Flare and that they have 2 weeks to pass the Scorch, if not, they die of insanity (The Flare). The Scorch turns out to be a collective place of all the infected, called cranks, and a steaming hot desert. 
During this time they meet the cranks Brenda and Jorge, that help them through the trials.
Now I've said enough and if I continue I will spoil the book.

After reading book one and getting used to the writing and language I found this book easier to read then the last one. It seemed like a completely different book, which is a good thing so I'm not reading the same story in all three books.
There is little character development besides Teresa, which is a mystery in the entire book two. Until page 200 I felt like putting it down a little bit more often and it was quite boring. But as the book continues I feel more grabbed into the book.

I gave the book two out of five stars on goodreads, because well "it was okay".. 


  1. Oouh jeg har sett første film, og den var syykt bra! Håper at nr.2 også blir bra, selv om boka kanskje ikke var like fengende. Spennende virker den ihvertfall som :D

  2. aww its disappointing that it was only 2 stars! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2015/04/dear-amy-dont-worry.html xx