Skinned open thumb ("Dexter" "The skinner" technique)

This was a technique I saw in season 3 at the tv series "Dexter"and I was so fascinated with the work of the makeup artist. Combining it with a makeup I saw earlier at @powdah on instagram, I made my own spin on the look.
The look is built on scarwax, liquid latex and facepaint of course, and some fake blood. Sadly I know my gel-effects would have been better for this project, but I tried heating it up in a bowl of water in the microwave. It exploded. So hehe, not doing that again. Karma got me for being lazy!

Have you seen "Dexter"? If you ever work with creative projects, try watching series and film's, they always inspire me!


  1. THAT'S AMAZING! I honestly thought that was real from the thumbnail! Great job. Oh and yes I love Dexter :D