My favourite horror movie character looks

I'm sorry I didn't post these last two days and that I don't have another look for you guys today. Life caught up and I didn't have time to post anything- And today light beat my time, so instead I'll give you some tips and inspiration. As a special effects artist horror movies and dark series are a must to watch sometimes, the characters have some amazing and inspiring works. And if you want to scare the crap out of people on halloween, also safe looks to recreate. Now here are my favourite horror character looks, based on the appearance and not on the movie or acting it self.

1. The Ring Samara

The Ring was one of the first horror films I ever watched, and though the plot is blurry I remember Samara crystal clear. The look of her is both terrifying and a perfect base for different looks like zombies and witches! Since Samara's look is so versatile and at the same time so recognizable it's worth a place on nr. 1 for me.

2. Saw

Saw is such a easy, yet effective look. If I ever went to a halloween party with bad time, I'd crack some lenses in and put on my Saw look. His sweet dolly cheeks and red lips looks twisted and disturbing.

3. The scarecrow (Messengers 2)

Another look that would most people wet their pants if this bad boy came behind you on a dark night. Of course this character is probably CGI, it's still possible to make a mask of this look. 

5. An american werewolf in London 

A movie I have yet to see myself, but I've seen a lot of makeup works from the movie, this is definitely on my to-see list. 

6. Freddy (A nightmare on Elm Street) 

A burn victim with gross cheese skin, can it get any better for the horror lovers?

7. The fly

This is the kind of look I'm torn between, "Wow that's amazing!" and "Ew, Ew, Ew, Ew-". The fly is another movie where I've seen the work of the makeup artist, but not the actual movie. 

Of course these are all quite classic movies, and most have seen them before, but part of why horror movies become classics often depend on the quality of the makeup and other visual elements. And there is tons of different looks that are amazing, both in horror and lots of other genres but these where the ones I came up with for now!
See you tomorrow with a new look!