Easter read? The maze runner review

The maze runner was just turned into motion picture and book number two is in cinemas September 2015. So I set myself a goal of finishing the series before the release of movie two as I was intrigued by the first movie.

Now the plot..

Thomas is thrown into a unknown world with his memory swiped, he can remember things like schools, how to ride a bike and so on, but not a particular one or who taught him. And he meet a bunch of other boys who has been thrown into the same world once a month in two years with the same memory swipe. Did I mention the world is a maze?
The boys made their own society in the middle of the maze and are constantly trying to solve it. And a day after Thomas's arrival, there is a new person coming up, which has never happened, and it's a girl. The girls comes with words of doom and a note saying she's the last one, ever.

If the plot didn't catch you enough already, here is my opinion of it.

The book starts off quite confusing for the ones who has seen the movie and to be completely honest, the movie and the book isn't all that similar either. It has the same outcome but completely different scenarios. But since the book includes a lot of things you just can't get right in movies like though's and mind reading, I understand they've changed a lot.
The book does contain a lot of slang and take some time getting used to, but after ten-twenty pages I got used to the different language and read as usual.

I would say it's an action book and fits boys who don't read all that much perfectly. That is not me saying that girls and boys who read a lot can't enjoy it, just that it's easy to get hooked in. And especially if you're like me and like adventures and science fiction.

My goodreads rating ended up with four out of five stars, or "I really liked it". It wasn't amazing, but an really interesting and fun book and I shall continue on with book two "The scorch trials". 

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