Want to make monsters? Review of Todd Debreceni "Special makeup effects for stage and screen: making and applying prosthetics"

I've finally finished the Todd Debreceni book, and I am ready to review it. Firstly I want to say that this book suits anyone who is already into special effects makeup, but for anyone starting out or are interested in the subject but haven't really tried anything them self, this will be useless to you.

The book goes really in debt about making and applying prosthetics and had a heavy influence of age makeup. It's nearly 2/3 of the book. The process is broken down into step by steps, he tells you about products to use, what different products require, working time and so on. He even got a register in the back of suppliers. The book is nice and well designed, it's not hard cover which I would have wished it to be since I bring my books everywhere and it's more resistant for damage.

The book is a little bit though to understand for non-english people and I am usually reading english as fast as my own language, but this contains a lot of heavy profession words. And I do have one mayor minus to it, it isn't explained properly with pictures, and I feel like I need to read this one over a few times to really understand the process.

I gave mine 3 out of four stars on goodreads, as it's informative and I am glad I have this, but it was hard to understand without proper demonstration pictures.

Do any of you have questions about the book? Leave them down below, and I'll reply!

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